In the Matsuo calligraphy room,message magazine "書蒼[Shosou]" is chiefly assumed to be a text and the problem every month is digested.

For student, the guidance of the brush and the pen is a main.

The class is advanced by the practice method of aiming at passing to Part science authorization writing brush-saving and Pen handwriting skill official approval in that.

For an adult student,we teach practical calligraphy, Kanji calligraphy, Kana calligraphy,The calligraphy that harmonized.

The practice method is not a lot of writing ,but a lot of reflecting is borne in mind.
How is it searchable to differ from the model, and whether it notices one step to progress.

It never becomes good only by not reflecting and writing pieces how many.
It absolutely becomes good,because we can good at guidance.

Free trial

In the Matsuo calligraphy room, the free trial entrance is always executed.

The class will be actually experienced, and we explain the content and the outline.

  • What atmosphere?
  • What kind of teacher?
  • What class?
  • I want to mend left-handed.
  • It is ..class.. worried. etc・・・・・

Everyone can confirm on this occasion by own eyes and feel free to participate by all means, please.


This classroom lecturer's Kenta Matsuo is a Saitama Prefecture Hatogaya City birth in 1985.

He studied under Atsushi Takagi to mend left-handed from six years old.

Calligraphy of Department of Literature at Daito Bunka University subject graduation.
It doesn't concentrate on the exhibition activity, it improves one's techniques, and it takes an active part as a leader.
He act NihonShousouInn regular director, editor in chief, and Saitama Prefecture calligraphy book writer regular director of present now.

It takes an active part in the district of the art around the Japanese syllabary calligraphy.

If what is matched most, and completed is very arranged on what kind of paper if each character is very destroyed, do you look beautiful?
The dish of calligraphy looks alike.

Please see KENTA MATSUO's work collection.

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